Community Relationship

    Puerto Mejillones has implemented a comprehensive program with the community, with the aim to insert itself in an overall way with the surroundings, taking into account environmental and social variables in the same way as it is considered in the financial variables.

    The terminal has taken with compromise and responsibility this challenge, with a full activities plan. 

    Mejillones Ballet School

    Excited for adding value to Mejillones family’s life, Puerto Mejillones started to develop, at the end of 2011, an activity that unite sports, culture, healthy coexistence and that would go in neighbor´s direct benefit. It arises the idea to implement a Ballet School with a complete academic program for girls and teenagers from Mejillones. To achieve that aim, the company talked to Mejillones Cultural Corporation, which has been an essential ally to prosecute this initiative with the Antofagasta Cultural Corporation, through their Municipal Ballet prepared a comprehensive project and especially thinking to the people of our district.

    After months of strong work, in February 2013 the project was approved by the National Culture and Chilean Arts Council, which confirmed Ballet School quality program. With that important recognition, it is set into motion all School preparations. 

    March 2013 is performed pre-registration and try-outs, process ending with 50 selected and brilliant students that started their regular classes in April. The school was defined with three levels: Pre-Ballet, for girls between five and eight years; Basics, for students from nine to thirteen years and intermediate for teenagers from fourteen to eighteen years.

    With the aim to demonstrate all learned lessons, in December 2013 the students performed their first official presentation the ´´ Nutcracker´´. The presentation took place at the Gamelín Guerra Theatre and count with the assistance of more than 500 people

    Then the students presented the season ending, which was performed during the first half of December, presenting the children's classic "Sleeping Beauty".

    Once the New Years’ Eve was done, the students overcame their final exam, closing the school’s first academic year, which was supposed to be completed within two years.   However, thanks to the success of this project and the motivation of students, parents and community, we decided to perform a second teaching season so it is planned to expand the school for at least two years, for the period 2015 and 2016.

    In this way, the students will continue with their regular program, with classes three times a week and presentations at the end of each semester. There are also contemplated other activities such as workshops and discussions with expert dancers that come directly from Santiago.

    The Puerto Mejillones Ballet School has proved to be successful in the town of Mejillones, achieving youth motivation with a discipline that promotes important values ​​such thoroughness and responsibility. The students and teachers are scheduled to perform several community open presentations, bringing culture and art to Mejillones.

    Mejillones Ballet School Video

    Puerto Mejillones Tennis School

    Under the tutelage of former professional tennis player Horacio de la Peña, Puerto Mejillones developed a free Tennis School to enhance and promote sports and healthy living among youth in the community of Mejillones.

    This project was created through a strategic alliance between Puerto Mejillones, De la Peña Tennis and the Mejillones city council. This will be held at the municipal tennis courts recently inaugurated in January 2015.
    This innovative initiative program in Mejillones will begin in March 2015 and will last for two years, where weekly classes will be taught by expert teachers who were selected by the same Horacio de la Peña.

    Monthly students, who form the School of Tennis Puerto Mejillones, will be visited by Horacio de la Peña, who will share with them, motivate them and assign its teachings to Mejillones young.

    “Meet Puerto Mejillones” Program

    With the aim to bring the port closer to the community, workers and their families, Puerto Mejillones decided to implement an “open day” policy with their neighbors. With this started the idea to make a program to show how it works the port inside.

    During July 2013 the first visits where done and terminal contributors with their families participated, they could visit each of the facilities and got to know the different work teams, in addition to the functions they perform daily.
    Then in 2014, Puerto Mejillones terminal opened its doors for the whole community. People who registered were able to tour the port facilities, learn more about the operation of the terminal and resolve doubts about environmental issues. A corporate video was created oriented that our employees can demonstrate their daily activities as well as the high operations standards available at the terminal, so that visitors could understand how a work day is at the port. All tours are guided by the commercial area of Puerto Mejillones.

    Visits with the main media of Antofagasta and Mejillones were also done, Regional and local authorities were also invited to participate in this program. Among those that stand out are the senators Pedro Araya and Alejandro Guillier; the deputies Paulina Nunez and Marcela Hernando; the Governor of the Region, Valentin Volta; Seremi Environment, Ramon Aréstegui; Mayor of Mejillones, Marcelino Carvajal; Mussels city council, among others.

    Finally, visits were done for different community residents and with students form educational institutions of Mejillones.

    More than 500 people have attended to the terminal at the date and it is intended to continue with this program during 2015.

    Smile with Puerto Mejillones

    The "Smile with Puerto Mejillones," program is done due to a strategic alliance between the port terminal, the Mejillones city council and the NGO Dentists Without Borders (OSF) and aimed to improve dental care quality and solve dental primary health specialties care, bringing dental care  closer to the  Mejillones community, promoting prevention and promotion of oral health.

    Through a care network that had a mobile dental clinic and a dental practice in Mejillones, over 50 people from Mejillones where attended charge free with advanced technology and a professional team. The program started in November 2014 and ended late January 2015.

    As part of the "Smile with Puerto Mejillones" program, between 19 and 23 January 2015, it was also held the "Mejillones Dental Week", where new patients that were previously registered with the professionals were attended. That way, the number beneficiaries were expanded to a total of 132 people who needed urgent dental care, and likewise, throughout that week to reduce the waiting list, two dental chairs were available at the Mejillones Community Hospital.

    Moreover, the program included promotion workshops for, as well as actions to prevent oral diseases, which were open and free to all residents of the district, instance where students from the Mejillones Ballet School attended. These were made on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mobile dental clinic.