Sulphuric Acid Terminal

    Terminal Mejillones S.A. specializes in sulphuric acid dispatch and storage. Established in 1994, initiating its operations in 1995. Located at Mejillones Bay, within Puerto Mejillones facilities.

    Vessel unloading

    Sulphuric Acid discharge is carried out from vessel tanks located at Puerto Mejillones Berth N°2 through steel pipelines which transfer the material to land storage tanks.


    The terminal has 11 tanks of 20.000 tonnes storage capacity each and facilities dedicated to sulphuric acid dispatch. From where loading to trains and trucks is performed, as well as acid reception from the vessels.

    Load and Dispatch to Trains and Trucks

    Sulphuric Acid loading and dispatches are performed by trucks and trains. Terminal Mejillones S.A. has a loading platform with a 14 load lift arms, which has a load nominal capacity of 840 tonnes/hour. Loading operation at the platform is performed by two pre-measured tanks and/or through flow meters, allowing continuous trucks and trains monitoring and weighing.

    Additionally, Terminal Mejillones S.A. has a Truck Loading Island with three loading lift arms exclusive for trucks with a loading nominal capacity of 165 tonnes/hour. Dispatch by trucks counts with three scales located under the loading zone, that allows to asses loaded tonnage and additionally delivering required documents by Department of Transportation regarding shaft and total weight.


    Different facilities for vessel unloading, storage and trains and trucks loading are controlled and managed by an automatic control system, that allows to know and handle in every moment underway tasks, as it is to know the received, stored and dispatched acid amount.