About Us

    Puerto Mejillones S.A. is a liquid and solid bulk transfer specialized company, that has been positioned as one of the main mining and power industry strategic partners in the II Region. Established in 1993, initiating its operations for Edelnor, plant coal unloading.

    Located at Mejillones Bay, approximately 1.440 km north from Santiago and 65 km from Antofagasta, Second Region of Chile.

    Its shareholding stake participation is formed by Inversiones Neltume Ltda in 50%, subsidiary of Ultramar Group S.A. and 50% by construction company Constructora Belfi S.A. To the present Puerto Mejillones S.A. has transfered more than 48 million tonnes of different products, among them coal, petcoke, limestone, clinker, lead and zinc concentrate, sulphuric acid and sulphur included. Puerto Mejillones business is found organized in a long-term relationships with their clients.

    Puerto Mejillones maintains a Management Integrated Policy focused on keeping the quality of its operations, environmental care, illness and injury precautions, pollution precaution and business growth.


    • The Atacama desert, in the north of Chile, is worldwide recognized for its mineral wealth. There are significant deposits of copper, nitrate and lithium. This production is exported to international markets, through the main ports of the region.

    • Puerto Mejillones S.A., begun its operations in 1995, discharging coal.

    • As a way to supplement Port services, subsequently is created Terminal Mejillones S.A. partnership, which initiates its operations in 1996 providing sulphuric acid unload, storage and dispatch services.

    • The property of both partnerships belongs, in equal parts, to Neltume Investments Ltda. and IInversiones y Construcciones Belfi S.A.