Economy and Transport of Antofagasta Seremis visited Puerto Mejillones

Seremis toured the most important sites of the operation at the main bulk terminal in the region, and also deepened in the obtainment of the Sello Propyme  thanks to the policies that the company has provided to the growth of small and medium enterprises that serve the port.

Mejillones, January 2016. The II Region Economy Seremi, Gabriela Gomez and the Transport Seremi of Antofagasta, Waldo Valderrama, toured in the facilities of Puerto Mejillones, where they met with executives of the port. On the occasion, they deepened about the reasons why the Economy Ministry awarded with the sello Propyme the port company, among which good practices, payment policies and great relationship the company has with its suppliers.

In this regard, chief executives of Puerto Mejillones presented both seremis the relations policy with customers and suppliers, which more than half are SMEs. They emphasized in the plan of payment to suppliers, were the payment is done after 30 days after the receipt of the invoice, among other facilities to support its development and growth.

Also during the visit, regional authorities got to know the most important port facilities to learn in detail how the port operates, emphasizing storage and shipment of ore minerals, as well as receiving and loading of liquid bulk .

In this regard, Puerto Mejillones general manager, Gabriel García-Huidobro, said that "we believe it is very important to keep our doors open to our neighbors in Mejillones and regional authorities, so that they can understand better our operations that for more than two decades have been growing and improving towards the development of this region and especially of this community. "

"We are particularly interested in contributing to regional development and to our neighbors, and we are also interested to make grow along with us all  the ones who support us in the operation, either as employees or suppliers," Garcia-Huidobro.