Students of the Puerto Mejillones Ballet School performed Year's Eve gala presenting "Giselle"

The academy closed its third year of life, then resume classes in March 2016, where they continue to conduct free and open to the community in the Municipal Theatre of Mejillones presentations.

After several months of intensive classes and arduous commitment from their students, parents and teachers, the Puerto Mejillones Ballet School successfully completed this 2015, presenting on Wednesday December 16th  at the cultural center Gamelin Guerra  "Giselle".

During the presentation of this classic ballet, the more than 300 people who came to the cultural center, marveled with the students presentation, they showed their talent on the main stage of the commune.

The play´s plot is that Giselle is a peasant and her greatest desire is to dance, but his mother does not agree. The beautiful girl is wooed by Duke Albrecht, who impersonates a peasant to be near her, although he is already engaged to another woman. Simultaneously, another young man is in love with her, and he will try to unmask the Duke to keep the love of Giselle.

Through this presentation, the Ballet School closes its third year, period in which the students made significant progress in the ballet technique development.

The students of the Ballet School have made different presentations that are free and open to the entire community in the Theatre of Mejillones, exhibiting the classic discipline and captivating neighbors and parents.

During 2016 the learning program will continue, allowing the integral development of the dancers and being a contribution to the cultural development of the community. 

About it the Puerto Mejillones Head of Sales, Rodrigo Lailhacar, said "we are very pleased with the results and believe in the project we decided to develop with the students. They are undoubtedly an example for other youth and we hope to continue developing and improving their dance skills. We do not want to stop dreaming and get big goals because we believe in their talent and that is why we give them the tools to successfully develop. "